Fish & Chips is a game where you help Jacob smack seagulls with fishes

Developer's Best: 12114
(Comment below if you beat my score :)

The Story

Jacob wants to eat some Fish and Chips. He has got the chips ready but needs to get fish. So he has come to the seaside to do some fishing. Wait, what's that? Some seagulls are trying to steal the chips! Will Jacob be able to multitask fishing and protecting his chips from the seagulls?


AD/arrow keys: Move Jacob
WS/arrow keys: Move the hook
Shift: Sprint
Mouse: Aim

Fishes are automatically caught if they touch the hook. Caught fishes fly towards the mouse. Pull the fishes out of water and smack those seagulls!


Fish and 22 MB


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PB 2041. super satisfying, great game!


Very fun! Only thing missing is a *big voice* "MUMUMULTI-KILL!!!"


I really like far most, the mechanic of the game, it's pretty creative to think of a fisher that has to destroy the seagulls by grabbing fish. Even the art, even if it's pixel art, it really fits everything from the sky, the ocean and the seagulls, and even Jeff, the port and the little things on the side of the port. 
Really good game, have a good one.


Fantastic game, feels great to destroy them seagulls.


Really fun gameplay and loved the art style :)

The only thing I'd like to know is if Jacob ever gets to have his fish and chips!

Glad you liked the game :D
Congrats on beating my high score!

Unfortunately, Jacob will never be able to get his fish and chips. All he can do is hold on to his chips for as long as he can and delay his inevitable demise :(